Simple Download Monitor Tutorial [Quick Start Guide]

Looking for a plugin that allows your users to download files from your site? Simple Download Monitor is an easy to use plugin that can manage downloadable documents. It is highly configurable. You will find it easy to install and configure even if you are a non techie person.

Download “Simple Download Monitor” from WP plugin repository:

You can have your first download file in place within five minutes following the video tutorial below:

Video: WordPress Simple Download Monitor Plugin Usage

Simple Download Monitor Features

The plugin records the IP addresses of the users who download your files. It can also log download date and time. The plugin supports sorting downloads in categories. It allows to display the counter alongside the download button and can be implemented without any fuss. Additionally, this is one of the few free plugins that can handle remote URL (external links).

Simple Download Monitor also allows to create password protected download buttons. To download a password protected download file users will need to enter the correct password. The plugin also provides a way to restrict download option to logged-in users only.

The option to display an image or just a button is a great little feature. I like the reCatchpa support as well. The plugin feature list would be even better if the option to allow site visitors to upload files was added.

Other Features:

  • Monitor downloads from unique IPs only
  • Export download logs to CSV
  • Supports drag and drop upload
  • Copy existing items with just a click
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports nice looking grid display of download files
  • Individual download counter for each item
  • Disable download monitoring for specific items
  • Ad code (e.g., AdSense) can be added inside the download item display
  • Exclude bot download count
  • Assign categories and tags to downloadable files
  • Provides multiple download button templates
  • Track downloads by WP usernames
  • Option to upload thumbnail images for downloads
  • Allows searching and sorting downloadable files in a n easy way
  • Also allows visitors to search download files. Includes a separate search template for downloads
  • Track the number of downloads for each of your files.
  • Ability to track number of downloads/user and also visitors country
  • Add download buttons to your sidebar widgets via shortcodes. You can also customize the “Download Now” button text
  • Option to open downloads in new browser window or new tab
  • Display file size information and version number
  • Setup secure downloads so that the URL of the downloadable file remains hidden during download
  • Allows to add terms and conditions to download buttons (optional)
  • Tinymce button in the WordPress post/page editor
  • Rich text editor for editing item description

Simple Download Monitor Shortcodes

The plugin provides a quite a few shortcode options. These include:

  1. Shortcode for embedding individual download file
  2. Shortcode to display download counter/information
  3. Display all the downloads from a particular category via shortcode
  4. Allows to display file tree browser for downloadable items via shortcode
  5. Provides shortcodes to display download button on post/page
  6. Allows to create third party download link (via hotlinking shortcode)
  7. Show latest downloads via shortcode

Thanks to Tips and Tricks HQ team for making this plugin freely available. Their support is great. You can expect a fast response time to
emails. Overall, it’s a plugin recommended among its peers. Once you install the plugin on your site, you will just find yourself using the plugin more and more!

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