How Optinly Can Help You Achieve Your Email Conversion Goals with Ease

Optinly is a pop-up plugin that allows you to create beautiful pop-ups for various purposes, such as getting feedback, advertising special promotions, and even increasing cart value.

The parent company of the tool was founded in 2019 and has between 1 and 10 employees.

Optinly: My Experience

My experience using Optinly has been amazing. I have been using Optinly for over a year and have seen substantial growth in my email list since implementing it.

I offer incentives to users in exchange for their email address. By offering an ebook or other valuable resource, I have had considerable success in growing my email list using this strategy.

Optinly provides a wide range of customization options, allowing me to tailor my opt-in forms to my brand and audience.

Overall, I highly recommend Optinly to anyone looking to grow their email list and improve their email marketing efforts.

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Key Features

Unlimited Campaigns

Optinly allows you to create as many pop-up campaigns as you need for data segmentation.

You can even connect multiple domains and launch pop-up campaigns across all your brands from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Optinly’s triggers are a standout feature.

You can set up pop-ups based on specific triggers like exit intent, device-based triggers, page-based triggers, timed-delay triggers, re-target criteria, position-based display rules, and more.

Built-in Drag and Drop Editor

Optinly comes with its own editor, allowing you to customize templates to your liking.

You can tweak logos, ad layouts, and more. Plus, you can add images, animations, links, and other elements to make your pop-up visually stunning.


Optinly has over 10 integrations with other platforms, including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, and AWeber.

You can also track key metrics like pageviews, clicks, and conversions with detailed analytics.


Optinly offers an engaging gamification feature that takes pop-ups to the next level.

By incorporating entertaining and interactive games with opportunities to win prizes and certificates, Optinly creates a more enjoyable user experience for visitors.

This not only encourages higher click rates but also enhances your brand’s reputation by showcasing creativity and innovation in marketing techniques.

You can easily get started with customizable templates, set custom rewards, and adjust the probabilities to fit your campaign. Plus, it works on all kinds of devices, making it a very effective lead magnet indeed.

Loading Speed

Optinly’s system is designed to not affect your website’s loading time. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of the system without worrying about your website’s user experience.

The modern and user-friendly Optinly dashboard makes it easy to navigate and use the platform to its full potential.

With Optinly, you can rest assured that you have access to a powerful marketing tool that is both efficient and user-friendly.

Mobile Responsive

Optinly also offers mobile-responsive pop-ups, which allow you to create pop-ups that are compatible with users’ devices.

This feature is essential because more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices.


The dedicated and responsive Optinly support team is always there to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Pricing Structure

Optinly offers a pricing structure consisting of three plans. If you want to try Optinly but are not entirely sold on it, you can start using it for free with the “Free Plan.”

This plan is an excellent way to become familiar with Optinly’s features and capabilities without having to commit to a paid plan.

The other two plans are for when you need to add more websites. Their plans are reasonably priced compared to others out there. If you need even more websites, you can add them for $9 each.

Pricing page:

Steps to Follow:

Now that you know the benefits of using Optinly, here are some steps to get you started with the tool:

  • 1. Define your goals: Before you start creating pop-ups, define your goals. This will help you create pop-ups that align with your business objectives.
  • 2. Use trigger options wisely: Optinly offers various trigger options like exit intent, time on page, and device type. Use these triggers wisely to avoid annoying your website visitors.
  • 3. Test different pop-ups: Optinly allows you to create unlimited pop-up campaigns. Take advantage of this feature to test different pop-ups and see what works best for your audience.
  • 4. Monitor your analytics: Optinly provides in-depth analytics for key metrics like clicks, conversions, and page views. Monitor these metrics to see how your pop-ups are performing and make adjustments as needed.

Parting Words

In conclusion, Optinly is a great choice for businesses looking to grow their email list and boost their conversion rates.

Its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and various trigger options make it a great choice for businesses of any size.

If you’re looking to grow your email list and boost your conversion rates, Optinly is definitely worth trying out.

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