The 10 Best WordPress Scroll to Top Plugins 2022

Adding a scroll to top button is a good idea, especially if you publish long contents on your blog. It not only improves user experience but also helps to increase conversion rate as visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site. Most themes nowadays have built in scroll to top button. If your WordPress theme doesn’t come with this functionality, use a scroll to top plugin instead. There are a number of free and premium WordPress scroll top plugins out there.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular scroll to top plugins. I’ve singled out the 10 best “back to top” plugins on the web.

1. WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top is one of my personal favorite back to top plugins. It’s easy to use but still offers a lot of options. It includes lots of different designs to choose from and provides vast ways to adjust appearance, transparency, size, behavior, location and so much more. Images are really neat as well of icons and arrows etc.

I really appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into this plugin. It just works as intended. The author is very active and supportive. It has all the bells and whistles of premium plugins but is absolutely free.

Key Features:

  • More features than most
  • Quick and easy install
  • Fully customizable
  • Dynamic scroll to top button (back to top animation added)
  • Auto hide feature available
  • Add different types of  buttons e.g., text button, image button etc.
  • Ability to link to a specific html element within the page
  • Users can also link the button to a different page
  • Supports caching plugins e.g., Async JavaScript
  • Ability to hide the button on mobile screens and iframes
  • Ability to filter buttons by posts/pages
  • Supports Font Awesome icons
  • Easy configuration overall

2. Smooth Scroll Up

“Smooth Scroll Up” can be a excellent addition to your plugin toolbox. It’s a stylish out-of-the-box plugin with a fairly intuitive interface in settings. It is responsive. So it works perfectly in mobile devices. The scroll up is quick but it doesn’t jump. Scrolling plugins shouldn’t be a resource hog. Smooth Scroll Up is one of the fastest ones we have found. The zip file size of the plugin is around 55 KB only. Moreover, the developer is quick enough to react to questions and requests.

Main Features: 

  • Customizable back to top button
  • Scroll to top button supports on-click events
  • Allows to set distance from top
  • Various element types i.e., text, icon, image, tab, pill
  • Additional enable/disable settings for home page
  • Allows to display scroll to top button in specific posts/pages
  • Display/hide in mobile devices
  • Supports animations (fade, slide and none)
  • Option to select element position (left, center, right)
  • Supports custom image and custom text
  • Supports FontAwesome font icons
  • Allows to add custom CSS and Javascript code

3. Scroll Back To Top

The plugin works perfectly out of the box and does what it says on the tin. Settings page is very simple, clean and easy to understand. Just go to Settings > Scroll Back to Top to find all the customization options.

You can even add your own CSS rules to further customize the look of the button. For example, to add a transparent button background, copy paste the following code in the section titled “Extra CSS”:

.scroll-back-to-top-wrapper { background:none !important; }

This plugin uses CSS with FontAwesome icons. No images. So it is lightweight and efficient on load.

Main Features: 

  • Pre-configured back to top plugin
  • Appears only when users scroll down the page
  • Allows to change size, color, opacity, icon/text
  • Ability to customize the position and animation
  • Preview mode available
  • Built with jQuery

4. Dynamic “To Top” Plugin

As the name suggests, Dynamic “To Top” plugin automatically adds a dynamic “back to top” button to a WordPress site. It comes with an interactive options panel that allows users to style different elements. You can set when and where you want it to appear. The plugin supports both Image and text version. For buttons, it uses CSS3 created buttons. You can either hide or display buttons on mobile devices. It is compatible with most caching and CSS minification plugins.

Some users were reporting that they were facing problems while trying to uninstall the plugin. The plugin now includes a feature called “uninstall” that makes the uninstall process much easier for end users. Also note that it uses JavaScript to display the dynamic buttons. So the buttons won’t appear if JS is disabled on your browser.

5. jQuery Smooth Scroll

jQuery Smooth Scroll plugin is a fantastic jQuery based scroll to top plugin for WordPress, with easy customization using css/js code edit. For example, you can adjust the point when the icon/link appears by editing the upperLimit value in “js/jss-script.min.js” file. You can also use custom icon by overwriting the arrow.png image. In addition to “scroll to top” button, it provides smooth scroll for all anchor links. The plugin supports RTL and custom easing effect with the help of jQueruyUI. CSS and JS files are compressed by default. So it’s a pretty lightweight plugin.

If there’s no conflict, it works like a charm. But compatibility issues tend to occur when page/post contains a slider or a tab. You need to open support tickets with them to solve such compatibility issues.

6. Easy Smooth Scroll Links

Easy Smooth Scroll Links not only adds smooth scroll but also provides scroll animation effects to any page anchor links. So you can use it to create scroll to top button as well. Simply choose an page anchor link that can be found at the top of every page and then add animation effect to the anchor link using this plugin. You’re done! It is compatible with all major browsers. It adds a anchor button to the visual editor. You can also add smooth scroll links using the shortcode [anchor]anchorname[/anchor]. The plugin contains 30 scrolling animation effects by default and also allows you to set scroll speed and offset value.

Update: We have found another similar plugin in WordPress plugin directory. It has better ratings. Check it out here: Page scroll to id

7. Scroll to Top Button

Sometimes simplicity makes things even better! “Scroll to Top Button” is a simple yet efficient scroll to top plugin. It does the job as promised. You will be able to set up the appearance in less than 30 seconds!

Key Features: 

  • Adds a “scroll to top” button to the bottom corner of the page
  • Allows to customize button size
  • Option to choose between light or dark color schemes
  • Compatible with all major browsers and themes

Quick Tip: Go to Appearance > Scroll To Top and choose “Button Colour Scheme: Dark” and “Button Size: Large” – it will look really good on most sites, especially on minimalist sites.

8. Scroll To Top

If you just want a little button that would allow people to get to the top without breaking their scrolling finger, then this plugin is for you. The plugin is a simple solution for a simple problem and it’s very easy to setup. Zero coding skills required. It scrolls to the top of the page very smoothly. Provides options to choose colors, position of icon, and a few different styles which means your blog design won’t be ruined. This plugin also allows to use custom text, icon and width/height.

9. Scroll Top

This back to top plugin has a ton of features including individual settings for scrolling speed, animation easing, retina support and much more. You can choose default text or icon font or use custom text. Also allows you to change animation style. The plugin has a custom CSS area where you can insert your own CSS styles.

Main Features: 

  • Adds a custom and flexible Back To Top button
  • Display/hide on screen smaller than 600 pixels
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Option to switch positions (left or right)
  • Icon font option that supports retina devices
  • Nice application of scrolling animation

10. Scroll Top Advanced

“Scroll Top Advanced” is a paid plugin. It’s available on Codecanyon. Current price is $11 only (Sep 3, 2018). It allows you to add responsive Font Awesome icons or custom text or custom image as a scroll to top button. It allows you to customize background color, opacity, width/height, page scroll speed, scroll visibility etc. The plugin gives you access to a library of 99+ default images as well.

Main Features: 

  • Premium scroll to plugin with advanced customization options
  • In addition to scroll to top button, it also provide option to navigate to custom “ID” or “class”
  • Coose from 35+ CSS3 animation styles
  • Uses CSS3 and Font Awesome icons to display buttons
  • Works with all modern browsers and themes
  • Great color variations
  • Square, round, diamond button/icon styles
  • Show/hide on smaller screens

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